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A German pastor friend of mine often quotes a common cliché, “there must be more”, which has become an underlying motivation in my Christian experience. This drive sets off an inquisitive desire to read between the lines and search for a deeper answer. Combined with the Holy Spirit, my search for truth has brought me to the conclusion that much of our established Christian doctrine is in error. In this article I will challenge established Christian doctrine, and hopefully you will allow me to indulge you with prophetic revelation published for the first time in this article. In this article I will lay out a perspective that challenges mainline prophecy, but am confident it is a fresh perspective straight from the heart of YHWH God. This article will challenge the legitimacy of nation state’s claims to sovereignty and will lay out YHWH God’s intention for the destiny of nations, including a clarification on Israel, the Times of the Gentiles, and much more.
I have a conflict with the development of the prophetic voice of the Christian church, and the direction of modern politics. The world is being taken down the road to slaughter and the prophetic voice of today is influence by a lying spirit.
The so called prophets have no vision and propagate a deviant message that is taking the world way off course. Modern Christian thought is misguided and wrapped around philosophies and doctrines that has been spoon fed to them by diabolic stealth strategies devised by the great deceiver. There is a story in 1 Kings 22 where King Ahab seeks counsel from four hundred preachers. These preachers proceed to prophesy and embolden Ahab to go to war, they predict that God will give him a great victory. Fortunately, one of King Ahab's allies, King Jehoshaphat, asks if there is another prophet in the house. The Prophet Micaiah comes forward and after being threatened not to contradict the other prophets, Micaiah warns Ahab that he will face certain destruction if he goes to war. Micaiah goes on to illuminate the Kings that a lying spirit has influenced the preaching of the other prophets to seduce Ahab to his own destruction. Unfortunately, Ahab rejects Micaiah’s message and goes off to his own destruction. If you ask me ninety nine percent of modern day preachers, “prophets”, have been seduced by a lying spirit; you can throw away ninety nine percent of the end time prophecy books written in the last hundred years. Most of these writers have no vision from YHWH God and they do not speak for YHWH God. The message they preach is motivated by marketing and profit. They vamp off each other and have no genuine revelation of their own, it is the same old headline wrapped up in different packages; "ISRAEL RETURNS TO HOMELAND" "EUROPEAN UNION RISES" "ANTI CHRIST IS ABOUT TO TAKE OVER". These kind of preachers are a dime a dozen and are surely leading the lambs to slaughter! Jeremiah 23:16-20.
In today’s Christian world you can’t help but be confronted with the issue of Israel. All of my Christian friends in many different circles are very passionate and entrenched with the subject of Israel. Most of them subscribe to the modern Christian Zionist world view of Israel and eschatology; which basically says that modern day Israel was birthed in 1947, and God is bringing His people back to the holy land where Jesus will return and save His people after the battle of Armageddon. Along with the Zionist worldview most modern Christians adhere to the doctrine of pre-trib Rapture or hold a mid-trib or post-trib belief. Most of them have been programed and form their worldview from these doctrines. What I have learned is that most of them have been indoctrinated into the Zionist philosophy on the modern nation state of Israel and blindly accept the dogma that they have been fed. In this article we will dig a little deeper and show you “there must be more”.
Last year I answered my telephone and on the other end I could hear a bunch of my Blood Brothers rejoicing; one of them said, “Brother Lockley you can’t believe what we just heard! A prophetic lady asked if anybody here had heard of Lockley Bremner. We all looked at each other and said, ‘We know him.’ She said she had a dream about the battle of Jerusalem, ‘All of the armies of the world were gathered and the Native Americans were the third group in line mounted on horses. When it was time to go forward into battle, suddenly she jumped off her horse and said, ‘but Lord, who will lead us into battle.’ She said a voice spoke out of heaven and very loudly said, ‘Lockley Bremner’. She said she had never heard that name and thought it was a strange name for a Native American, and she began her search to find Lockley Bremner. I received a call from an Amish friend of mine who also had the same encounter with this prophetic lady. I took this message to the Lord trying not to get too excited about it. I thought, okay Lord if this is of you, you will bring it to pass.
I finally met the prophetic lady at a Native American conference in 2012. During the conference it was prophesied that I would lead the Native Americans into the Battle of Jerusalem and was pushed into my destiny, to the pleasure of the adoring audience. This was all very exciting but there was something within me that was saying “there must be more”. My mind went to the scripture in Luke 13:31 “Or what king, going to make war against another king, does not sit down first, and consider whether he is able_ _ _.?” There has always been something within me that has a check when the subject of the nation of Israel comes up. I was not willing to blindly go into battle,
accepting the Zionist agenda, without first counting the cost and evaluating the scope of the situation. A good leader never charges blindly into battle without first having a battle plan. The old stereo type of the Indians blindly riding around the wagon train and getting shot off their horses was out of the question. What about the timing? Is the battle eminent? What about the battle of Jerusalem, is it factual, will there be an actual battle of Jerusalem or is this a spiritual application? A thousand questions came up into my mind. I was not willing to blindly accept this prophetic lady’s life altering challenge for me without first thoroughly researching the subject.
Nearly every single government in the world today is operating in breach of legitimacy, abusing the power granted to it by the people, including the so called democratic governments of the world. However, we are witnessing the disintegration of many sovereign nations around the world, and in the near future we will witness the shattering of the nations of the world. What is going on? How could powerful nation states come to nothing? Oh foolish kings and sovereigns, do you not read in Psalms 2, “Why do the heathen rage and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against YHWH GOD and against His Anointed, saying ‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us.’ He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; YHWH GOD shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure; and the rulers take counsel together, against YHWH GOD and against His Anointed, saying ‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.’ He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; YHWH GOD shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure; ‘Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion.’ I will declare the decree; YHWH GOD has said to Me, You are My Son, Today I have begotten You. Ask of me, and I will give You the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron. You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.” Psalms 2.
“All nations before Him are as nothing; and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity.” “Have you not known? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning? Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is He that sits upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grass hoppers; that stretches out the heavens as a curtain and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in; that brings the princes to nothing; he makes the judges (leaders) of the earth as vanity. Yes they shall not be planted; yes, they shall not be sown; yes their stock shall not take root in the earth; and He shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither; and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble, Isaiah 40:17. (To be continued)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Dear Brother John, thanks for posting this article as it stirs up some interesting conversation. I agree with Dr. Sproul’s statement on the subject of “The Mystery of Iniquity”; “To this date, I have yet to find a satisfying explanation for what theologians call the mystery of iniquity.” However, he leaves us with the same dissatisfaction with his lame attempt to describe the “Mystery”. I have heard a multitude of preachers expounding on the subject but the Holy Spirit always raised a red flag, mostly because, most of them equate the Mystery of Iniquity to humanities innate disposition to commit sin. This explanation always came up short and forced me to prayerfully seek more revelation on such an important subject. I surmised that if the Mystery of Iniquity was already at work, as described in 2 Thessalonians 2:7, preparing the way for anti-Christ, then this was something we should be aware of. Thessalonians reveals to us that this resident evil will be the downfall of many unless they receive a greater power that is able to restrain the evil that is rotting their soul. To understand the Mystery of Iniquity we must go back to the beginning, before time began, into the heavenly throne room where the divine Godhead is having a planning session. Our Heavenly Father, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, YHWH asks His Son Jesus, “is there anything that you desire?” Jesus answers, “Oh Father, my desire is that I may have a bride?” Jesus asks Holy Spirit, “is there anything that you desire?” He answers, “Yes, I would like to have a dwelling place, a household, a home?” Holy Spirit turns and asks the Father, “Oh Father, is there anything that you would desire?” Father replied, “My desire is to have a family, a company of sons.” Father says, “We will create humans, in our image and after our likeness we will create him, out of one being all of our desires will be met.” Jesus said, “Yes, we will give him a free will so that he will have the power to choose to love us and become a part of our family, our household.” Holy Spirit said, “By giving him free will there is the possibility that he will choose another way.” Father said, “Yes, and if the man falls to his own will the laws of heaven will be broken and man will fall under the judgment.” worship God. This is YHWH God’s desire; that is for man to love him and to make the decision to become a part of His household, to become the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit and to become the Bride of Christ. We all know the story of the fall of mankind, when Adam chose to join Satan in the kingdom of the world, but why did he do it? That is the mystery of iniquity. Man was created to worship God, it is his innate nature to stand in the presence, face to face with his creator. The mystery of iniquity is when man’s innate desire to worship YHWH God is corrupted and he turns to something else, this is called idolatry. 1 Samuel 15:23 gives us the answer, “and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” Iniquity is idolatry. If you are not worshipping YHWH Creator God than you are worshipping something else! In the First Commandment in Exodus 20:2,3,4, “I am YHWH your God _ _ _ you shall have no other Gods before me. You shall not make unto yourself any graven image or any likeness_ _ _ you shall notbow down to them nor serve them. For I, YHWH your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me_ _ _.” In this verse He tells us that iniquity is idolatry. In Luke 4:6-8, the devil made a play to corrupt Jesus through the mystery of iniquity, “If you will worship before me, all will be yours. _ _ _ Jesus answered and said, ‘Get behind me Satan! For it is written, You shall worship YHWH your God and Him only you shall serve.” So to sum it all up, it is man’s innate desire to worship that is corrupted and leads him to worship the anti-christ. We can see the Mystery of Iniquity at work in the world creating the perfect conditions for the Man of Sin to make his appearance and the whole world will follow him.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am not a big dreamer other than the occasional pizza or popcorn dream; however, I recently had the most vivid dream I can only call a "prophetic dream". In this dream I could see, smell, hear, and sense the fear and panic in the unfolding events, finally awakening to the realization that "there is no place to hide"! The dream started quite pleasantly at a Christian retreat located somewhere in southern Oregon. I knew this because it is a place I visit quite often and the high mountianous terrian with wide open green pastureland is one of the most beautiful spots I have seen. At the retreat sanctuary we had just finished our gathering and were standing at the large plate glass windows visiting and looking out over the distant valley when suddenly a large fleet of aircraft flying in formation came into view, flying from west to east. As they soared over the area suddenly paratroopers began to silently drop in perfect order. Hundreds of parashoots in perfect order began to fill the sky. We looked at each other in confusion and amazement not fully comprehending what was going on. Someone shouted they are coming up the valley! As we looked to the valley floor we could see military equipment and infantry moving in our direction. About then everybody began to panic not knowing what to do. Someone shouted, "We probably should try to escape and evade whatever was coming." Just as everone was running out the door military personnel broke through the doors. We did not realize that they had landed in the back of the building and were already here. People began to scream, automatic weapons rang out and I could see people being grabbed and beaten, women pulled by the hair. Somehow I managed to escape and ran jumping into an irrigation ditch. As I lay hidden from view troops manouvered by so closely I could have reached out and touched them. I could see the chin straps pulled tightly under thier chins, different from American GIs who have actual chin straps. I heard them shouting orders and commands in a language I do not know but presummed to be Russian. After, things quited down I slipped across the field to a barn like building located in a grove of trees. From there I could see the people being rounded up like cattle and dead bodies scattered around the area. My impulse was to bolt and run out of the barn, but my better sense told me to stay put because I would be instantly shot if I ran. My mind raced trying to figure out what to do; there was no where to run, no place to hide. I sat up in bed saying to myself, "Theres no place to hide, no place to hide!" You must understand that this dream was quite spontaneous as it happened before the North Korea incident and the Boston bombing. The dream prompted me to search the internet for other dreams or prophecy relating to war coming to America and I should note that these dreams are very prevelant. I believe the unconsious psyhe of the American people is alerting us that war is coming.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


King Solomon said, "There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men:" I want to say, "There is an evil which I have seen in America." Why hasn't President Obama done anything to help his own people? I recently spent a month in New Jersey most of it in Newark and was deeply appalled at the ambiguity I observed while there. Being from out west and living relatively free I went through a period of culture shock. For those of you who don't know, Newark is a hub of Black America. It is a place of a once thriving city and prosperity but the decay and delapidated infrastructure and buildings are a skeleton of a once thriving city. What I saw, was Black men walking the streets, black eyes peering from under hooded sweats, and Black women standing in line in sub freezing weather waiting for hand outs. That in itself was not what bothered me, but it was the relative prosperity that was going on in the Mexican American community. During everal trips to the shopping malls, they were crawling with Mexicans loaded with cash and spending up a storm, and the Black people standing in line on Martin Luther King Bolevard hoping to get a few free Christmas gifts for their kids. Every hotel chain in New Jersey, Marriot, Hilton, Extended Stay America, you name it, has Mexicans working. Every where you go, resturants, gas stations, Walmart, you name it the Mexicans are working. Mexicans operate the service businesses such as carpet cleaning, landscaping, painting and construction. The problem is not that Mexicans are working but it is obvious that these people are not American since most of them don't speak a word of English.This was obvious when I made several attempts to make simple requests that they just could not understand. Now I don't despise Mexicans working or having jobs but I do object when American corporations hire illegal alliens at the expense of American citizens. It is clear to me that Mr. Obama loves the multinational corporations and big banks more than his own people. Obama's supposedly compassion on Mexican Americans was more of a political ploy than reality. The reality is that Obama has opened the borders to cheap Mexican labor at the expense of his own people. The main stream media has put out the propaganda that Mexicans only take jobs that Americans wont do; that is bull_ _ _. I admire Mexicans for their diligence and willingness to work hard, but it is clear to me that the deck has been stacked against Black people. This has created a situation where we are setting on a time bomb. Black America is being set up for an angry uprising. They are a time bomb that a cleverly crafted event could ignite with a fury. Watts, and the Rodney King incident will pale in comparison to what is coming. I hope some of my Black brothers and sisters read this post and realize that this is all a set up. Don't let them do it to you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


While setting in the barber's chair getting a hair cut the other day I notice the barber had the "Ten Commandments" posted on his wall, the third commandment stated, "You shall not take the name of the Lord God in vain." I asked the barber, "What is the name of the Lord God, in the third commandment"? He said, "isn't it yahoo, or something like that?" Laughing I said, "Don't you think we need to know the name of the Lord so we don't break the third commandment?" He said, "Isn't His name YAHWEH?" I replied, "According to modern Jewish tradition and modern biblical interpretation they say Yahweh is His name, however, this is really a hybrid name of God since it is based on marks that were added to the original Hebrew letters indicating vowel sounds. These marks were not on the original manuscripts and so should not be included. The original name revealed to Moses was the tetragramaton which is "YHWH". Modern interpretations added the vowels sounds which became YAWEH. This is a mistake since the original language pronounced the letters of the Hebrew alphabet which were Y or YOD, H or HAY, W or Wah, H or Hay; this would make the name, Yod Hay Wah Hay. The beauti of this interpretation is that the interpretation of Yod is hand, the interpretation of Hay is behold, Wah is Nail, and Hay is behold; so the interpretaion of Yod Hay Wah Hay in English is "Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail" This brings us to Jesus, who being crucified on the cross, the Romans hung a sign over His head which said, "Jesus of Nazereth the King of the Jews". The Jewish Elders being infuriated at this demanded that Pilot remove this sign from the cross: Pilot being unpreturbed replied, "What is written, is written". The interesting thing is the sign was written in Hebrew which revealed the true nature of who Jesus really is, the interpretation reads like this; Jesus of Nazeruth King of the Jews or Yeshua Hanasarut Whemalik Heyuda. Notice the first letters of the sign, YHWH, or YOD HAY WAH HAY, "Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail". This ties Jesus back to the God of creation, who before time began identified Himself as the one whose hand would be pierced with nails. Now the interesting thing that Jesus commanded the apostles in Matthew 28:19, "Baptise them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." Could that name be "YOD HAY WAH HAY"?

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Why Did God Create Me?"

Let us go back before the beginning of time. Sometime in eternity past, before the earth was created. Let us go into the Council Chambers of heaven where a meeting is taking place(yes there is only one God yet manifested in three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). In order for us to comprehend the Destiny of Nations we must look into the heart and mind of God for His original intent. What is Gods intent for the creation of Human beings? It was at this time in eternity past that God began to express His deepest desires (yes God has desires). See the heart of God is love; His nature is to give love and He desires love to be reciprocated back to Him. The many faceted expressions of Yaweh's love encompasses the Father's heart, the Bridegroom's heart, and the Mothering nurturing heart of the Holy Spirit. In order for God to satisfy His inner desire it was necessary to create a complex intelligent being with the capacity to make rational decisions and one who had the freedom of choice to enter into a loving relationship with Him. God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; _ _ _ So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them" Genesis 1:26. Through the Human family the Father would have a family, the Son would have a bride, and the Holy Spirit would have a family of Sons and Daughters. God knew that by creating man with a free will there existed the possibility that man could be corrupted. The power of darkness already lurked upon the face of the earth and temptation waited in the garden. God knew there would be a confrontation. He didn't want to simply create robots or beings that did not have the power of choice; therefore it was necessary for His creation to have the power to freely make the choice to enter into relationship with Him. The question that confronted the council was what would happen if the man made the wrong choice? God is righteous and holy and cannot fellowship with sin, and righteousness demands that a penalty be paid when the eternal laws of heaven are broken. The penelaty for sin is an immediate separation from the presence of God. In the eternal laws of heaven the penalty for sin is death. Knowing what would happen, Jesus stood up and proclaimed, "If the man fails I will pay the penalty." Thus He became the Lamb of God slain from before the foundation of the world. And so God created man in His own image. God created man to worship Him in true fellowship. This was God's intention for the human race and when we are not in fellowship with Him we are worshipping something else. He desires our full attention, our total surrender, our unbridled love and devotion.If you believe in an intelligent Designer you come to appreciate the beauty of God's crown jewel of creation, the human race. We have been fearfully and wonderfully designed and created.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Free Trade or Fair Trade?"

I am posting this excellant article on "Free Trade or Fair Trade?" by Micheal Snyder of Blacklisted News. It contains just about every point I would want to include in an article on the "Giant Sucking Sound". If I were president of the US the second thing I would do is abolish all Free Trade and Most Favored nations agreements, right after I abolished the Federal Reserve Banks power to print money. Any presidential candidate who is not addressing these issues are liars and a part of the New World Order and are workin towards the dismantling of the United States of America! Free Trade Or Fair Trade? 20 Reasons Why All Americans Should Be Against The Insane Trade Policies October 16, 2011 By Michael Snyder It is absolutely amazing how many Americans are still convinced that more "free trade" is the answer to our economic problems. The truth is that there is a vast difference between "free trade" and "fair trade", and in this article I will prove that all true conservatives and all true liberals should be completely against the insane trade policies of the federal government. Yes, we will always need to trade with other nations. Other nations make or have things that we need to trade for. Balanced trade relationships with other nations that have similar economies and that share similar values can be very beneficial. For example, our trading relationship with Canada, though not perfect, is generally beneficial to both sides. However, the United States also has dozens of trading relationships that are highly destructive to the U.S. economy. There are some predatory nations that are blatantly and openly cheating and everyone can see it. They are getting away with bloody murder and they are robbing us blind. The United States of America is being taken advantage of, and as a result thousands of good businesses are being destroyed and millions of good jobs are being lost. If you are an American and you are in favor of all of the unfair trade that is currently going on, then either you don't know much about economics or you actually want to see the U.S. economy be destroyed. Congress has just passed new free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. The Obama administration has also made " the NAFTA of the Pacific" a very high priority. Obama says that all of these new trade pacts will create more U.S. jobs. Well, either Barack Obama is completely ignorant when it comes to economics or else he is lying. When we merge our economy with the economies of nations where wages are much lower, it is inevitable that large numbers of jobs are going to leave the high wage areas (where we live) and go to areas where wages are much lower. It also certainly does not help that we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, that we burden our businesses with mountains of ridiculous regulations, and that we allow our "trade partners" to give their businesses a huge advantage by openly subsidizing them. The way that the system is set up now, nearly all U.S. businesses are at a massive, massive disadvantage. In general, the only businesses that can compete effectively in this environment are the giant corporations that can offshore huge portions of their operations. If you are a conservative, then there is no way that you should support our current trade policies. If you are a liberal, then there is no way that you should support our current trade policies. However, if you are a "George W. Bush Republican" or a "Clinton/Obama Democrat" that believes in globalism and the establishment of a one world economy as part of a "New World Order", then it would make sense why you would want to see America deindustrialized and brought down to the level of the rest of the world. But if you are a true conservative or a true liberal, then the following are reasons why you should be horrified by our current trade policies.... #1 Other Nations Openly Manipulate Their Currencies In Order To Gain A Significant Competitive Advantage For example, China keeps its currency set at a super low level relative to the U.S. dollar. By doing this, their products are far cheaper than U.S. products, and U.S. businesses cannot compete with them. This has resulted in the death of large numbers of U.S. businesses and the loss of millions of U.S. jobs. So just how bad is this problem? Well, a recent CNN article stated the following.... Critics of China's policy estimate that the yuan is still undervalued by 25% to 40%, even with the recent rises in value. The other day the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would impose tariffs on currency manipulators, and China has already retaliated, even though the bill has not become law yet and even though it almost certainly won't. China plays hardball. They love the advantage that they are getting right now and they do not plan on losing it. #2 Millions Of Good Paying Jobs Have Been Shipped Overseas And They Are Never Coming Back Our politicians all try to tell us how good they are at creating jobs. But what is the truth? The truth is that a total of zero jobs were created last decade. The following is a quote from a recent article in Washington Monthly.... "If any single number captures the state of the American economy over the last decade, it is zero. That was the net gain in jobs between 1999 and 2009­nada, nil, zip. By painful contrast, from the 1940s through the 1990s, recessions came and went, but no decade ended without at least a 20 percent increase in the number of jobs." Last decade we opened up our trade with the rest of the world more than ever before. But instead of creating jobs it destroyed them. Our trade deficits exploded and unemployment skyrocketed. The Economic Policy Institute says that since 2001 America has lost approximately 2.8 million jobs due to our trade deficit with China alone. So if you are unemployed, that is probably what happened to the job you are supposed to have. It went overseas and it is not coming back. #3 America Is Being Deindustrialized At A Blistering Pace Thanks To Globalism The advocates of "free trade" cannot dispute the cold, hard facts.... *The United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. *The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000. *If you can believe it, more than 42,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have been closed down since 2001. * Between December 2000 and December 2010, 38 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Ohio were lost, 42 percent of the manufacturing jobs in North Carolina were lost and 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Michigan were lost. *Back in 1970, 25 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs. #4 (For Conservatives) True Conservatives Should Be Horrified That We Are Being Taken Advantage Of By A Hardcore Communist Nation That Hates Us Ronald Reagan would have never engaged in "free trade" with the Soviet Union. The Communist Party is in complete control of China and while we may regard China as a "frenemy", they really do believe that they will totally defeat us someday. If you doubt this, just read what the top generals and politicians in China are writing. It is so incredibly stupid what we are doing. Our trade relationship with China has enabled the largest communist economy in the world to go from third world status to superpower status. China is now the second largest economy in the world, and that would have never happened without our help. A lot of people like to talk about how "capitalist" China is becoming, but the truth is that they have never wavered from their pure belief in communism. 7 of the 10 largest corporations in China are owned by the government. A host of other corporations in China are very deeply subsidized by the government. U.S. businesses have a very hard time competing with foreign businesses that are deeply subsidized by their own national governments. It is called cheating, and we let other countries get away with it. So our businesses die and their products fill up our store shelves. #5 We Are Endangering Our National Security By Greatly Enriching Our Biggest Potential Enemies The biggest threats to the United States are not some goat herders hiding out in the caves of Afghanistan. The biggest threats to the United States are actually China and Russia. Conservatives are supposed to be the ones that are so concerned about national security. But instead of expressing concerns about China, they just keep pushing for more free trade. As a result, China has been able to become a true global military superpower. Someday we will deeply, deeply regret that. #6 China Brazenly Steals Technology From Anyone And Everyone That They Can China gets away with bloody murder when it comes to stealing technology. They will do it "legally" if they can, and they will do it in "other ways" if they have to. At this point, China has invented a whole host of ways to extract technology from any firms that wants to do business in China. The following is a short excerpt from a recent article on CNN.... Foreign companies are often required to set-up joint ventures with Chinese firms before the can start doing business there. And China is instituting new "indigenous innovation" rules that U.S. companies say force them to transfer their own technology to their Chinese partners. #7 We Should Never Trade With Any Nation That Has A "One Child" Policy China has a very strict "one child policy" which should be absolutely abhorrent to all Americans. Most Americans have no idea what is really going on over in China. The following is from a recent article in the Epoch Times.... Pregnant women lacking birth permits are hunted down like criminals by population planning police in China and forcibly aborted. All over China, mobile abortion vans are used to help enforce the one child policy. What women in China must endure is absolutely sickening, and this kind of behavior should never be accepted in the global community. But instead of penalizing China, we reward them for this behavior. They even get awards at the United Nations for it. Look, conservatives are supposed to be pro-life. If you are a social conservative, then it goes against everything that you believe to support trade with China. You can support trade with China if you want, but then don't even try to call yourself "pro-life" again. We should never trade with any nation that has a "one child policy". Such a policy is against everything that America is supposed to stand for. #8 Our Horrendous Trade Imbalance Has Allowed Other Nations To Accumulate Gigantic Amounts Of Our Debt Every month, we send much more money to the rest of the world than they send to us. One thing that those other nations are doing with all of that money is that they are buying up our debt. Our trade deficit with China has enabled them to accumulate nearly a trillion dollars of our debt. This gives them tremendous leverage over us and is a very serious threat to our economy and to our national security. So now China can threaten the stability of our financial system with just a phone call. #9 Globalist Trade Institutions Are A Serious Threat To Our National Sovereignty Today, the "global economy" is governed by globalist institutions such as the G20, the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank. The United States has given up huge amounts of national sovereignty to these organizations. If you are a true conservative, this should greatly disturb you. We don't want faceless international bureaucrats telling us what our trade policies will be. But to a large degree that is the situation that we have gotten ourselves into. #10 Liberals (And All Americans) Are Supposed To Care About What Is Best For American Workers Millions of working class jobs have been shipped overseas, and yet Barack Obama just keeps pushing for more "free trade" agreements which will make the problem even worse. But instead of screaming bloody murder, liberals keep on supporting Obama. It's disgusting. The truth is that the Obama administration actually says that there are certain kinds of jobs that we "don't want" in the United States. For example, the following is what U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk recently told Tim Robertson of the Huffington Post about the Obama administration's attitude toward keeping manufacturing jobs in America.... Let's increase our competitiveness... the reality is about half of our imports, our trade deficit is because of how much oil [we import], so you take that out of the equation, you look at what percentage of it are things that frankly, we don't want to make in America, you know, cheaper products, low-skill jobs that frankly college kids that are graduating from, you know, UC Cal and Hastings [don't want], but what we do want is to capture those next generation jobs and build on our investments in our young people, our education infrastructure. So where is the outrage? Is anyone even awake out there? Even the construction of many of our roads and bridges is being outsourced to China. Just check out the following quote from a recent ABC News article.... In New York there is a $400 million renovation project on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge. In California, there is a $7.2 billion project to rebuild the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland. In Alaska, there is a proposal for a $190 million bridge project. These projects sound like steps in the right direction, but much of the work is going to Chinese government-owned firms. "When we subsidize jobs in China, we're not creating any wealth in the United States," said Scott Paul, executive director for the Alliance for American Manufacturing. Liberals are supposed to be working to defend the working class. So why won't they openly go after Obama on these issues? Our unfair trade agreements have put American workers in direct competition for jobs with the cheapest labor on the globe. Until this is fixed, you will continue to hear a "great sucking sound" as millions of jobs continue to leave the United States and go to places where labor is ten to twenty times cheaper. It is insanity what we are doing. We allow big corporations to send their manufacturing offshore and also to ship their products back into the United States for free. Where in that equation is good news for the American worker? #11 Liberals (And All Americans) Should Be Horrified By The Exploitation Of Slave Labor Around The Globe All over the globe, workers toil in nightmarish conditions for slave labor pay just so that Americans can feed their addiction for cheap foreign products. Big corporations and collectivist governments such as China are getting unbelievably rich by exploiting this slave labor pool. Get educated about this and find out the truth. It just might totally change the way that you view "free trade". #12 Liberals (And All Americans) Should Be Horrified By The Damage To The Environment Our Trade Relationships Cause Liberals are supposed to deeply care about the environment. But our trade relationship with nations on the other side of the globe result in thousands of factories and businesses leaving our shores and ending up in countries where the environmental regulations are not nearly as strict. In fact, nations such as China are a complete and total environmental nightmare at this point. If liberals truly cared about the environment they would want to keep factories and businesses here. #13 Very Dangerous Products Continue To Flood Into This Country From Overseas Isn't product safety supposed to be a big thing for liberals? Today, a huge percentage of the products we buy are made outside the United States far from the watchful eyes of our regulatory agencies. Over the past couple of years, there has been headline after headline about dangerous products made in China. The following is just one example of this: 10 Babies Die Mysteriously At Fort Bragg: Toxic Drywall From China Used In Base Homes The Culprit? #14 The Globalization Of The Economy Causes Income Inequality To Grow By paying slave labor wages to workers overseas, the big corporations are becoming very wealthy. At the same time, that means that there are much fewer jobs for average working class Americans, and wages for the jobs that remain are pushed down because of increased competition for jobs. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. If you don't believe that income inequality in the United States has become a huge problem, just check out this chart. #15 Because Of All Of The Cheating And All Of The Predatory Behavior That Is Going On, Our Trade Relationships Have Become Incredibly Imbalanced Today, the United States spends about 4 dollars on goods and services from China for every one dollar that China spends on goods and services from the United States. So how is that even close to "fair"? Our store shelves are absolutely packed with stuff from China. In 2010, the number one U.S. export to China was "scrap and trash". Even in high technology products we are being destroyed. In 2002, the United States had a trade deficit in "advanced technology products" of $16 billion with the rest of the world. In 2010, that number skyrocketed to $82 billion. #16 Our Gigantic Trade Deficit Is Destroying Our National Wealth The United States has had a negative trade balance every single year since 1976, and since that time the United States has run a total trade deficit of more than 7.5 trillion dollars with the rest of the world. Our gigantic trade deficits are making us poorer as a nation each and every month. Each year, somewhere around half a trillion dollars of our national wealth gets transferred out of the United States. That half a trillion dollars could be going to support U.S. businesses and U.S. jobs. Taxes could be paid on that half a trillion dollars. But instead it leaves the country and makes other nations wealthier. #17 The Globalization Of The Economy Has Caused Unemployment In The United States To Explode If you gathered together all of the workers that are "officially" unemployed in the United States today, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the world. #18 As Our Cities Are Deindustrialized, Many Of Them Are Being Transformed Into Absolute Hellholes The other day, I wrote the following about what is happening in cities and towns across the United States.... All across America there are cities and towns that were once prosperous and beautiful that are being transformed into absolute hellholes. The scars left by the long-term economic decline of the United States are getting deeper and more gruesome. #19 Without Good Jobs, An Increasing Number Of Americans Are Having To Turn To Government Assistance We are going to support U.S. workers one way or another. Either we are going to provide them with good jobs, or we are going to let their jobs be shipped out of the country and we are going to pay for the government to feed and house them. Today, there are more than 45 million Americans on food stamps. That number has gone up by more than 70 percent since 2007. Almost every single month we set a new all-time record for the number of people being fed by the federal government. #20 If Nothing Is Done, All Of This Is Going To Get A Lot Worse According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University, 40 million more U.S. jobs could be sent offshore over the next two decades. Can you imagine what America is going to look like if that happens?